Amey Live Train Announcements

Listen to live train announcements for (almost) any UK railway station

Live train announcements is powered by audio snippets released under Ireland's Freedom of Information Act 2014 by Irish Rail. These audio files were sourced from KeTech, who provided announcement systems for the majority of the UK railway network in the 2000s and 2010s. KeTech acquired the audio from numerous predecessors, such as Amey and Ditra, who also provided railway announcement systems.

You may not use the announcements on this site for any commercial purposes. Freedom of information does not change the rights of copyright holders, such as KeTech, and use of the information for commercial purposes could result in legal action.

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This is a beta feature, and isn't complete or fully functional. Please report any issues you face on GitHub.

This page will auto-announce all departures in the next 4 minutes from the selected station. Departures outside this timeframe will appear on the board below, but won't be announced until closer to the time.

At the moment, we also won't announce services which:

  • have no platform allocated in data feeds (common at larger stations, even at the time of departure)
  • have already been announced by the system in the last hour (only affects services which suddenly get delayed)
  • are terminating at the selected station

We also can't handle most short platforms and various other features as this information isn't contained within the open data provided by National Rail.

We're currently trialling automated short platform announcements for stations served by GTR (Southern, Thameslink, Gatwick Express, and Great Northern) and Southeastern.

Please let us know if you know any short platforms that aren't correctly announced by the website for these TOCs. We'll seek information and feedback about other TOCs in the near future

Have feedback? Please post it on this GitHub tracking issue!